Good old OOH/ambient stuff

Posted on | October 8, 2012

During my search for an .mpg that was burried deep in my old computer files and back up of about 17 hard drives, I came across a Cannes folder from 2006. It unveiled some cute outdoor and ambient media campaigns that brought back fond memories of my first seminar in Cannes that followed my trip around the world. Sigh.

Let me share a few of them. Nothing much has changed in 6 years – why am I expecting some dramatic change in content and aesthetics anyway.

Copy: ‘Lie down before you take it. Baldriparan sleeping pills. Strong effect all night.’

Just because Sex & Love & Marriage never fail to leave an impression:


For all of you ‘Supermen’ who fly past the target ever so often.


And finally, advertising and cows, and COWS IN JACKETS is positive about it, will never be out of fashion.



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