Neu Marx: Urban Experience Project #1 by cowsinjackets

Posted on | August 9, 2012

We just completed the first Urban Experience Project in Neu Marx.

Neu Marx is located in the third Viennese district and hosts the Austrian captial’s first media quarter. More than 70 companies have settled in the area, among the Austrian headquarter of T-Mobile, the Campus Vienna Biocenter, the Vienna Film Commission, the University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Seven One Media and Echo Media House.

The problem: People don’t interact with each other.
My immediate sensing revealed: They don’t have any reason to walk through the space due to lack of infrastructure. No supermarket, no bar, no newsstand, only one restaurant that shuts its doors right after lunch.

Task of this Urban Experience Project #1 was to stimulate the discussion among the employees in Neu Marx, invite them to connect on- and offline and tour and discover the space between the beautiful historic brick buildings and new buildings.

Many visits to Neu Marx, an extensive swot analysis and a workshop with the board of the area’s location management agency and the center of Innovation and Technology Vienna fueled into an urban experience strategy created through a collaboration between LHBS, Joanna Bakas and Stefan Erschwendner and cowsinjackets.

I was invited to curate the neighbourhood branding intervention. 17 stations throughout Neu Marx were defined, artists selected, a theme developed. In my function as the project’s curator, I called it ‘language in space’. Why language? Further sensing revealed that the representatives of the 3 industries in Neu Marx ‘media – research – technology’ speak contemporary languages that consist of trends, key data, formulas and technical terminology which create curiosity but also resentment when not understood. ‘sprache im raum’ visualizes some of these signs, codes and day-to-day terminology and aims to stimulate an information exchange to make People meet and talk.

Exhibit 1: Tree-Mobile ‘Eiche im Sturm’, built by Florian Quintus.

Exhibit 2: Growing letters, created by artist Florian Quintus

Exhibit 3: Homage to the book

Exhibit 4: Urban Farming – Herbs, Vegetables and Fruits for everyone in Neu Marx

Exhibit 5: Urban Art – a mix of crochet fabric and telephone cables merge nature, art and technology.
Gudrun Lenk-Wane and Anna Holly created this art piece.

Exhibit 6: Wall literature
Information is not worth anything when you coop it up – it will become valuable when you share it (Michael Seemann).

Exhibit 7: TED Talk of Sir Ken Robinson

Exhibit 8: Quote by Karl Farkas (off Karl-Farkas-Street)

Exhibit 10: Language Tree – QR Codes representing all companies in Neu Marx, Instagram images, Wood letters
Artist Florian Quintus designed and built the elements for this exhibit

Exhibit 11: Instagram images #handmade letters created a quote by Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger Vicomte de Saint-Exupéry

Exhibit 12: Homage depending on sunshine
Shadow billboards @ Robert-Hochner-Park – Artist Florian Quintus built them.

Exhibit 13: Quotes by selected Nobel prize winners and famous molecular biologists

Exhibit 14: Homage to the work of genetic researchers at the IMP who study knock-out flies to cure human illnesses.
This installation shows the sound track that male flies create with their wings when they mate with female flies.
The IMP researchers record this sound with special microphones to study the behaviour of nerve cells.

Exhibit 15: Homage to the famous Austrian actor Helmut Qualtinger (off Helmut-Qualtinger-Street)

Exhibit 16: Visualization of Neu Marx signature dish, the MARX Burger.

Exhibit 17: Presentation of 7 outdoor winners from this year’s Cannes Lions festival.