Heads over heels in art (@Viennafair 2012)

Posted on | September 23, 2012

VIENNAFAIR 2012 — The vision and passion of the two artistic directors Christina Steinbrecher and Vita Zamanis is to bring the newest and brightest contemporary art and artists to ‘The New Contemporary art fair VIENNAFAIR’ http://www.viennafair.at/ and to present artists in Vienna that might not have been presented elsewhere.

My observation after seeing all of these year’s exhibits: Heads and bodies played a central role in this year’s art fair.


Stefan Zsaitsits is an Austrian artist. Most of his drawings, presented by Gallery Lang, showed a fat red dot on their tags.


Stephan Balkenhol (Germany) is a contemporary sculptor who presented wood reliefs of female and male bodies.





American artist David Datuna’s mixed media sculptures which sell for around 100,000US$ a piece, merge elements of conceptual art and pop art and add an eye-caching effect of cascading lenses. Datuna describes his objects as witnesses of the history and status of powerful celebrities. The eyeglasses add a layer of symbolic expression of identity, illusion, perception, fragmentation and unification.


We all love the peek-a-boo effect in one way or another, don’t we? Tamás SZVET (Hungary) wood work Social Engaged / Case Study is beautiful to look at but reveals itself even more attractive when you peek through a tiny hole on the front side of the object. It focusses on the core element of his work’s subjects.






Simple and so beautiful. If you have too many books in your house like I do, you might just turn them into architectural art objects for a change.


Surreal but real. While some Safari lovers decorate their living rooms with padded zebra heads and fur in our geographical ambience, other cultures choose cats and dogs. I spare you the image of the cute dog that was flattened by the artist. Shocking for us, probably quite normal for those who don’t domesticate and emotionalize these animals.


And now something completely different. The closing image – for some of us with a personal message.