Visual experience in the shower cabin

Posted on | October 10, 2012

Bathrooms with white tiles, white furniture and white towels give me the creeps. Maybe it is some nightmare memory or it simply reminds me of super sterile bathrooms in hospitals. I’m always on the hunt for new inventions in material technology and therefore loved what Unilever Singapore and JWT have created recently with their ambient media campaign for Lux Magic Spell shower gel.

White stickers imbued with hydrochromic ink were placed in shower rooms. Upon contact with water the white ink disappears, revealing a trail of botanic orchids. The white water-reactive ink reappears as the shower room dries, leaving the room blank for the next person to take a shower. Taking a shower this way creates an unforgettable experience but think about the opportunities that this technology offers.
Lux Shower Room Credits
Executive Creative Director: Juhi Kalia
Art Director: Aurelien Bigot
Producer: Bettina Feng