Posted on | October 24, 2012

Colour trends are something that brand managers need to be aware of, and the Pantone colour trend is something to keep an eye on as the trends in clothing spread to the largest industries worldwide, such as the car industry, the entertainment industry, the perfume industry and so on.  Colour trends can provide broad insight into the emotions that are expected to affect consumers in the short term. The psychology of colour marketing and colour branding exist for a reason.

Listen to the trends and predictions and look for creative ways to integrate them effectively into your own branding initiatives.

Pantone colour of the year 2012 was TANGERINE ORANGE:


The PANTONE colour of the year is revealed in December of each year. So stay tuned and check PANTONE’s website in time!

I’ve recently learnt about the fashion colour report SPRING 2013 which lists these colors:

Monaco Blue is one of the top colours within the PANTONE Fashion Colour Report Spring 2013 that has been picked up by numerous industries already – see below:


However, we’re excited to find out what ‘the’ colour 2013 will be. The bets are on. Remember: check in December.