Urban Experience Project # 2 in Neu Marx

Posted on | November 27, 2012

Cows in Jackets goes Christmas. We (Concept/Idea: Daniela Krautsack – Execution: Gudrun Lenk-Wane with Albert Huspeka – Assistance: Marilen Hennebach – Graphic Design: Roland Kalusa) designed the coolest X-Mas caravan that serves punch & hot spiced wine in Vienna’s Media Quarter Neu Marx recently. Oh, and we decorated the near-by tree that looks a bit sad without its leaves. And we baked cookies. And already made Neu Marx’ employees laugh on our launch evening. 3 weeks of home-made stuff. Yumm. We love jobs that make us combine design — decoration — and culinary delights.


Our mock-up design for the client presentation.                              Caravan nearly finished before the launch.


Our ‘tree of lamps’:



And because we’re all healthy and more or less happy, we ought to think of those who cannot afford to fulfil their dreams. There is a hospice for fatally ill children in Burgenland (A) and Lisa, a 10 year old girl, has no other wish than to spend one week with her Mum and Dad and her brothers and sisters at a horse farm to ride a horse (supported by doctors). We would really like to help her. If you care to help too, please send an SMS to +43 664 660 1001 with the following text: Lisa 25 (or whatever amount you would like to donate – you can donate up to 70 Euros, then you have to write Lisa 70). We appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.


And some more impressions: