PUFF. The Bar.

Posted on | December 19, 2012

A brothel has recently been turned into a stylish bar in Vienna’s 6th district. Nomen est omen? Time will tell. Thomas Polak, associate of Albert Trummer and his successful NY bar ‘Apotheke’, where waiters looked like scientists and prepared cocktails like chemists that faced a tragic end after…

… years of burning glasses in a spectacular fire performance and elaborating rather unusual recipes (NY Times), now opened PUFF. Die Bar. (with partner Matthias Euler-Rolle). Expectations draw upon the bar’s quirky history, its contemporary design and reasonably priced cocktails. We’ll observe whether the bar will follow in Apotheke’s footsteps.


All of us were drunk when this photo at Apotheke in NYC was taken. Blurry memories as the photo portrays. Great style in every corner. Bless the invention of photography. The bar will be renovated, but these snapshots will remain forever.

But coming back to Puff, here some snapshots of where the Cows in Jackets Christmas dinner ended last night. Cocktail Chinatown – and immediately memories of Apotheke’s location knock on my hippocampus – was fabulous, so was El Diablo. All range between € 5,50 to 9. Highly recommended although I still dislike the Vöslauer branding throughout the bar. But that’s another story.



We took over the remote control and played with the atmospheric lighting of the bar. It’s all about interaction. Big trend in 2013. I’m telling you.

PS: If you spend time in Miami, make sure you drop by the next pit stop on Apotheke’s racetrack. Another hidden entrance will soon lead to Apotheke Miami, located in Wynwood. Details here: http://www.miami.com/trummer-s-apotheke-cocktail-lab-set-open-wynwood-january-2013-article

Designers of the bar: http://www.walking-chair.com/
Photo credits (Apotheke 1: http://dodeqa.com)
Other photos: CIJ