Athens prepares for a brighter future

Posted on | January 31, 2013

‘Like being in your living room’. That’s the idea of a young designer collective in Athens who asked their fellow citizens to illuminate a neighbourhood in the Greek capital. They asked them to bring their chandeliers, kitchen and bedroom lamps, whether trendy or retro, broken, dusty, old or new, had them cleaned, repaired and then hung them in the middle of the road. The result of the urban experience initiative were over 150 colorful lamp objects that lit up Monastiraki, an old and abandoned street in the heart of Athens. Moving people’s interior lighting from their privacy to the anonymous city ambience conveyed a feeling of warmth and sociability among residents and visitors.



In the words of a contemporary Greek philosopher, the artists might agree to the deeper meaning of this invention, “If you had a girl, her name would certainly be Athens. It had a rich past and uncertain but bright future.”