ONE MET. In unexpected places.

Posted on | April 24, 2013

“The Met is a place to explore. Across the world and across time, our collections are a passport to our past, and key to understanding our present and future. Travel has inspired great artists for centuries; Discover where the Met will take you today.” Yep, that message speaks to me. Even the image they advertise it with, is attractive.

But THIS …


It’s a painted house facade on 29th street in Manhattan. I saw it on facebook a few days ago…

…and liked it so much, I had to see how the finished piece looks. Surprisingly, there was only one photo posted on the web, so I asked my friend Cameron to grab his camera and drive across town to send his impressions across the ocean. It’s still not finished but even seeing the process is amazing. Applause to the marketing team who is funding this idea. No – hold on, let’s make this real. I rise from my chair and give them standing ovations.