Wet feet with GEOX – not.

Posted on | October 12, 2013

The Norwegian Agency SMFB has stunned commuters with a promotion campaign for the clothing brand Geox to advertise for the weatherproof material of their shoes in high streets around Europe. The agency created an artificial rain cloud that hung above weatherproof young gentleman. Some, like the one I ran into in Vienna yesterday, shivered while the rain poured from the cloud but shouted at people: “But my feet are completely dry.” and received pityful grins from those surrounding him.

At the end, we saw handsome young dudes in gorgeous shoes who delivered GEOX’ main campaign value: stay dray whatever the weather. Gorgeous? Well, Geox is …

…an Italian company. What are we talking about here… Oh, yes, Italians – The godfathers of design and fashion.



The Viennese promotion was executed by Herzblut Promotions. Call Feten Agrebi: office@herzblut.co.at | 0664/430 14 91


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