Daniela holds lectures in German and English at:

  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Universities

About the topics on:

  • Ambient Media
  • From Art to Urban Trends
  • Urban Play
  • City of the Future – how will communication speak to citizens in dense cities?
  • From Trend Spotting to Trend Adaption




As a reference, find here a list of selected speeches (since 2005):

07/2012 — Werbeplanung Media Summit, Vienna, Austria
04/2012 — Digital Camp Scholz&Friends, Berlin, Germany
10/2011 — MIT SENSEable city lab, Cambridge/Boston, USA
10/2011 — Graduate School of Design, Harvard, Cambridge/Boston, USA
09/2011 — Austrian Media Conference 2011, Vienna, Austria
06/2011 — Young Lions (Cannes Advertising Festival) conference, Vienna, Austria
09/2010 — Austrian Media Conference 2010, Vienna, Austria
06/2010 — 57th Int. Advertising Festival, Cannes, France
02/2010 — Advertising Academy Vienna, Austria
11/2009 — JWT + Contract Advertising, Delhi, India
10/2009 — Hochschule der Künste Zürich, MBA course, Switzerland
09/2009 — Hakuhodo, Tokyo, Japan
09/2009 — Naked Communications, Tokyo, Japan
06/2009 — 56th Int. Advertising Festival, Cannes, France
06/2009 — Online Marketing Conference, Athens, Greece
04/2009 — Polish Advertising Festival, Warsaw, Poland
02/2009 — IAA conference Malta, Italy
10/2008 — Parsons New School of Design, New York, US
10/2008 — Business forum OOH Media, Frankfurt, Germany
2008–2010 — Lecturer & Head of ‘Practice Lab’, University of Applied Science, St. Pölten, Austria
08/2008 — IAA Conference Mumbai, India
06/2008 — 55th Int. Advertising Festival, Cannes, France
06/2008 — Global Conference P&G via Skype
05/2008 — Fair of the German communications industry, Munich, Germany
04/2008 — The Marketing Show, Johannesburg, South Africa
04/2008 — 1st Dubai International Advertising Festival, UAE
12/2007 — European Marketing Conference, Istanbul, Turkey
10/2007 — INFECT 07 Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany
9/2007 — European IAA Summit, Bucharest, Rumania
6/2007 — 54th Int. Advertising Festival, Cannes, France
6/2007 — Outdoor Advertising Conference, Mumbai, India
3/2007 —  ADC / Ambient Meter conference in Berlin, Germany
3/2007 —  10th AdFest Pattaya, Thailand
2/2007 — Effie conferences Riga/Latvia/Tallinn in the Baltic States
1/200 —  Jost von Brandis workshop, Hamburg, Germany
11/2006 — Effie conference in Kiev, Ukraine
10/2006 — 13th Golden Drum International Festival, Portoroz, Croatia
8/2006 — P&G CEEMEA conference, Geneva, Switzerland
6/2006 — 53rd Int. Advertising Festival, Cannes, France
6/2006 — ESOMAR WM3 Conference, Shanghai, China
2/2006 — Miami Ad School Hamburg, Germany
7/2005 — Miami Ad School San Francisco, USA
4/2005 — Miami Ad School Miami, USA
3/2005 — Universidad del Pacifico, Santiago, Chile


For quotes on speaking engagements, please send me an email or call +43 699 1046 9281.


The CIJ team offers audio and video podcasts to download that students can subscribe to as easily as an Email newsletter. Each e-lecture is automatically saved to your computer. So, learning material follows the students and not vice-versa.

Digital technology is changing how we learn. E-Lectures help to reduce the distance between teacher and student: our virtual lectures are not intended to replace personal interaction, but provide additional space for independent work. Above all, they can be downloaded anytime and viewed as often as one likes.




More than simply sharing our knowledge about different industry trends, workshops allow us to work with you on the things that matter to your business. We analyse your challenges, ping-pong ideas with you and utilize them to create innovative ideas, initiatives or products. The aim of our workshops is to turn insights into profitable business strategies.

CIJ Workshops are always personalized to your requirements, but usually share:

  • Case examples of how other businesses are utilizing trends
  • Scenarios how future trends will influence your projects
  • Tools and ideas to develop and execute ideas in your company

To find out more about how the ‘KNOW2GROW’ workshop could help your business, please EMAIL US or call +43 699 1046 9281



The Dare to Care initiative is the concept of ‘CREATE MEANING’ with advertising – react to global catastrophes, political injustice or any other situation that engulfed communities in misery with advertising interventions that you won’t get paid for. Collaborating with industry colleagues or clients to help communities anywhere in the world that are in need. The advertising industry works with multibillion-dollar budgets. Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions boost the loyalty of employees as well as the image of the company in question. This workshop presents the best ‘create meaning’ ideas that were powered by multi-national corporations as well as great meaningful campaigns from small to medium-sized companies.


To find out more about how the ‘DARE2CARE’ workshop could help your business, please EMAIL US or call +43 699 1046 9281