Inspired by Bergdorf Goodman on 5th  avenue, Barneys on Madison and countless other department stores and boutiques in New York, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette in Paris and the entire architecture and shop window design in Omotesando and Ginza in Tokyo, CIJ owner Daniela Krautsack founded ‘Ravishing Visual Merchandising’, a Retail Theatre Design Company.

Creating eye-catching retail expe­ri­ences is becom­ing the golden key that opens the door to wonderland. From gesture recognising canvasses to aug­mented real­ity technology, shop windows increasingly go digital. Ambitious retailers who need an edge over their competitors explore new design practices and add interaction facilitators. They no longer see their store and display windows as an extended hallstand to present their products on, but as a stage that generates unforgettable brand experiences and a consumer involvement with those walking by.

The portfolio of ‘RVM’ consists of:

  • Detailing shop windows
  • Designing shop window displays
  • Creating entire shop world experiences
  • Designing construction covers during shop renovations.

A team of visual merchandise designers and art directors transform our ideas and those of the artists we collaborates with.

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