Posted on | November 3, 2012

In times of low household budgets, we realize that a pinch of creativity can turn you easily into a DIY designer. See how socks, yesterday’s newspaper or plastic bottle caps can change the look of your interior plus add a lot of joy creating stuff yourself.



Need ideas for a ‘retro’ media apartment? Here we go:

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Heads over heels in art (@Viennafair 2012)

Posted on | September 23, 2012

VIENNAFAIR 2012 — The vision and passion of the two artistic directors Christina Steinbrecher and Vita Zamanis is to bring the newest and brightest contemporary art and artists to ‘The New Contemporary art fair VIENNAFAIR’ and to present artists in Vienna that might not have been presented elsewhere.

My observation after seeing all of these year’s exhibits: Heads and bodies played a central role in this year’s art fair.


Stefan Zsaitsits is an Austrian artist. Most of his drawings, presented by Gallery Lang, showed a fat red dot on their tags.


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Posted on | May 16, 2012

Not off into space which would refer to another ‘f’, but to a conference that ‘feeds the future’.

What is OFFF?
OFFF is a way of understanding art. A way of life. Evolving and transforming.

Born as a post-digital culture festival, a meeting place to host contemporary creation through an in depth programme of conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time, OFFF features stunning artists, designers, developers, such as Fantasy Interactive, Lucy Mcrae, Somewhat, Yuko Shimizu, Matt Lambert, Radical Friend, Attik, Jonathan Harris, Joshua Davis, and many other highlights these days.

I’ll be reporting from Barcelona every day. So, stay tuned.