Banksy big in New York

Posted on | October 25, 2013

Every day this month, Banksy has been unveiling new works of art around New York. The works are then announced on his website and posted to Instagram. Many of the surprise exhibits follow his signature street-art style: stencils spray-painted on streets, walls of buildings and under bridges.

Sadly, many of Banksy’s pieces in The Big Apple don’t last long after they are located, either defaced by local graffiti artists who don’t seem to like his popularity, or relocated and preserved to be sold to galleries and collectors by whomever owns the property Banksy happened to choose as his canvas.

Residents of a house that Banksy painted on tried to prevent damage on the art piece by covering it with a large piece of transparent acrylic glass.


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested Banksy is breaking the law with his guerrilla art exhibits; the statement seems unbelievable given the fact that Banksy is named the most influential street artist of these times.






Gabriel Moreno exhibition in Madrid

Posted on | October 26, 2012

One of my most favourite illustration designers, Gabriel Moreno, is opening his show in Madrid today.
If you are in Madrid, go check it out.

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Posted on | October 25, 2012

During my research for interactive designers, I came across some super awesome studios and hence, would like to share their work:


YesYesNo began as a studio operated by three friends, two of whom always said ‘yes’ to every potential project and one who was always saying ‘no’. A lot of their projects are about using body or gestures, so they avoid using interface, buttons and instructions. What’s cool about them is that they create something that someone just understands, either from watching other people or from experimenting it themselves. Their idea of the future of interactive design: Smaller devices = new modes of interaction and better and different sensors = new modes of sensing. The future of designing also means using new means of fabrication, such as laser cutting and 3D printing.


Here’s some interactive design they did for Nike and a short glimpse into their other work:



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ROA in Vienna

Posted on | September 5, 2011