Civic Battle on Bikes

Posted on | January 29, 2014

I recently walked by this awesome light installation that was exposed in the passage of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I met one of the artists, Onne Walsmit who gave me details about this urban intervention which was one of the higlights of this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival.

The lightwork is designed by ‘Venividimultiplex’, an artist collective, consisting of Joost van Bergen, Dirk Schlebusch and Onne Walsmit. It was sponsored by InventDesign and DHL Express.

The interactive arch determines the ‘strongest’ cyclists. Attached to the arch are… Read more



Christo in Germany

Posted on | November 3, 2013

Christo and his late life-partner Jeanne-Claude are the artists of fantastical large-scale installations. The pair draped a 400-meter curtain across a valley in the Rocky Mountains, surrounded 11 Miami islands in bright pink tutus, and dotted Central Park with over 7,500 shimmering orange gates. With “Big Air Package”, a massive inflated air balloon, Christo is once again pushing limits of space and environment. It is Christo’s first project since Jeanne-Claude passed away in 2009.

Christo’s website claims that the installation is the “largest ever inflated envelope without a skeleton” at 90 meters high and 50 meters in diameter. The structure stands inside a former …

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CIJ Retail Theater: Sound Installation for A1 Telekom

Posted on | September 12, 2013

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Karl’s Social Media Concept Store

Posted on | May 9, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld recently opened a social media concept store in Amsterdam. I have admired his work and his inventive personality as long as I can remember. When I read about the store online, it was a given that I would check it out during my THNK week in the posh Location Hartenstraat No. 16. The store which is designed in a slick contemporary style offers ready-to-wear for men and women, handbags, eyewear, a range of unusual accessories and photo and design books handpicked by the maestro himself.  Of course it isn’t his fashion collection or the cool accessories that made me travel across town to snapshot the store. It was the eagerness to find out about his affinity to digital technology.

While I slipped into a cool black leather jacket in one of his high tech changing rooms, the renowned fashion icon had already pointed his camera in my direction. An iPad mounted on the cabin’s mirror offered me to pose in the Cabin and share the digital photos within my creative industries circles and on my Facebook, Twitter and email account. Not a bad PR tool for the retail concept of future-oriented urban hedonists.

Every shelf had an iPad mini attached, so you could flick through the collection pieces and even send an email to the master’s email address.

So, I got myself a little souvenir. An email from the store’s cabin and Karl, the doll.
Easy user Interfaces and cool design added to a pleasant experience throughout the store.

The staff, especially the store manager was extremely friendly and exhited to showing me around and explaining the tools.
Great store, go check it out.



GREENYC – a city’s environmental icon

Posted on | April 14, 2013

GREENYC is New York City’s environmental initiative campaign. HuntherGatherer was originally asked to develop a series of animations to accompany the mayor’s launch of the campaign. Since then it has grown into a season multimedia series, encompassing print, outdoor marketing, TV, as well as retail partnerships and targeted mini-campaigns. This bird’s simple and appealing messages convey likable environmental messages.