Crane Lake

Posted on | February 15, 2014

A revolutionary event took place this evening in Vienna’s new district to be, called Seestadt Aspern. In 2028, 20.000 citizens will have found a new home only a half an hour subway ride away from Vienna’s St. Stephan’s dome. On the largest construction site in Austria, 43 cranes performed on a former airfield of 21 hectares what the organizers called the largest crane ballet on earth. The music was specially composed for the show tonight, Symphony sounds combined with electro tunes accompanied the 20-minute choreography.







Artists and Kukas

Posted on | October 10, 2013

Kukas? Sounds like an abbreviation of an insect or a latin-american instrument. If you happen to be an artist, you better make sure you know what a Kuka is. You might want to perform with one soon. KUKA is a German manufacturer of industrial robots and solutions for factory automation. Sounds unexciting. Yes indeed, but wait until you see what this industrial robot does.

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Posted on | September 8, 2012

Wo man in drei Tagen alles über Brain Painting, Bakterienradios und Mondgänse erfährt

Die Ars Electronica versammelt seit über drei Jahrzehnten Künstler, Wissenschaftler, politische Aktivisten, und Technologieexperten aus aller Welt am ersten Septemberwochenende in Linz. Oft schon dachte ich mir: ‚Fahr ich dieses Jahr mal zur Burning Man Parade nach Nevada oder wieder zur Ars nach Linz?‘ Und immer wieder gewinnt Linz. Was Gerfried Stocker und sein Team jedes Jahr aus diesem Festival machen, ist zu ideenreich, zu inspirierend und zu horizonterweiternd, als dass ich auch nur eines dieser ‚brain adventures‘ in Linz verpassen will.


THE BIG PICTURE hieß das diesjährige Motto des Festivals, das die Notwendigkeit für einen offeneren Blickwinkel auf die Herausforderungen unserer Gesellschaft fordert. Ein großes Bild, das sich keiner zentralen Steuerung unterwirft, sondern ein Puzzle aus vielen Sichtweisen ist. In Symposien, workshops und beim Besuch hunderter Installationen machten wir uns auf die Suche nach möglichen Weltbildern von morgen.

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Neu Marx: Urban Experience Project #1 by cowsinjackets

Posted on | August 9, 2012

We just completed the first Urban Experience Project in Neu Marx.

Neu Marx is located in the third Viennese district and hosts the Austrian captial’s first media quarter. More than 70 companies have settled in the area, among the Austrian headquarter of T-Mobile, the Campus Vienna Biocenter, the Vienna Film Commission, the University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Seven One Media and Echo Media House.

The problem: People don’t interact with each other.
My immediate sensing revealed: They don’t have any reason to walk through the space due to lack of infrastructure. No supermarket, no bar, no newsstand, only one restaurant that shuts its doors right after lunch.

Task of this Urban Experience Project #1 was to stimulate the discussion among the employees in Neu Marx, invite them to connect on- and offline and tour and discover the space between the beautiful historic brick buildings and new buildings.

Many visits to Neu Marx, an extensive swot analysis and a workshop with the board of the area’s location management agency and the center of Innovation and Technology Vienna fueled into an urban experience strategy created through a collaboration between LHBS, Joanna Bakas and Stefan Erschwendner and cowsinjackets.

I was invited to curate the neighbourhood branding intervention. 17 stations throughout Neu Marx were defined, artists selected, a theme developed. In my function as the project’s curator, I called it ‘language in space’. Why language? Further sensing revealed that the representatives of the 3 industries in Neu Marx ‘media – research – technology’ speak contemporary languages that consist of trends, key data, formulas and technical terminology which create curiosity but also resentment when not understood. ‘sprache im raum’ visualizes some of these signs, codes and day-to-day terminology and aims to stimulate an information exchange to make People meet and talk.

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Barcelona – OFFF conference & more – May 2012

Posted on | May 22, 2012

This is a visual summary of my first visit to the OFFF conference in Barcelona. It was   f a b u l o u s   and I can only recommend those who are interested in art, design, new production techniques and beautiful imagery to go there next year. Great speakers, cool atmosphere and let’s just not talk about the location which wasn’t perfect but focus on the many many many highlights. Scroll down and don’t miss to watch the ‘SHE’ film that Brosmind and Upper First created for the festival. Very cool. My conclusion: massive inspiration, great talents and the feeling that people don’t just create when there’re big budgets. There is lots of passion involved. Oh, and one more message from I love Dust: Stop doing what you don’t like to do.


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