Urban Canvas in São Paulo

Posted on | October 9, 2012

No better example for an urban canvas than this one. Especially from a city that forcefully had to focus on art when São Paulo’s mayor passed the ‘clean city law’, forbidding any form of communication outdoors. With no advertising around, artists started to occupy walls and threw colour and contemporary shapes at spaces in Brazil’s megasized city.


This is what São Paulo looked like in 2005 when I spent a few weeks there. It seriously felt like the most cluttered place of all cities I had ever travelled to:

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Good old OOH/ambient stuff

Posted on | October 8, 2012

During my search for an .mpg that was burried deep in my old computer files and back up of about 17 hard drives, I came across a Cannes folder from 2006. It unveiled some cute outdoor and ambient media campaigns that brought back fond memories of my first seminar in Cannes that followed my trip around the world. Sigh.

Let me share a few of them. Nothing much has changed in 6 years – why am I expecting some dramatic change in content and aesthetics anyway.

Copy: ‘Lie down before you take it. Baldriparan sleeping pills. Strong effect all night.’

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Scribble onto the airport tower

Posted on | May 5, 2012

Samsung invited its Facebook Fans to send a Welcome message onto the screen of a Samsung Galaxy XXL note which is projected onto the Vienna Airport Tower. The message appeared on time at the departure or arrival of loved ones.