PUFF. The Bar.

Posted on | December 19, 2012

A brothel has recently been turned into a stylish bar in Vienna’s 6th district. Nomen est omen? Time will tell. Thomas Polak, associate of Albert Trummer and his successful NY bar ‘Apotheke’, where waiters looked like scientists and prepared cocktails like chemists that faced a tragic end after…

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Heads over heels in art (@Viennafair 2012)

Posted on | September 23, 2012

VIENNAFAIR 2012 — The vision and passion of the two artistic directors Christina Steinbrecher and Vita Zamanis is to bring the newest and brightest contemporary art and artists to ‘The New Contemporary art fair VIENNAFAIR’ http://www.viennafair.at/ and to present artists in Vienna that might not have been presented elsewhere.

My observation after seeing all of these year’s exhibits: Heads and bodies played a central role in this year’s art fair.


Stefan Zsaitsits is an Austrian artist. Most of his drawings, presented by Gallery Lang, showed a fat red dot on their tags.


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Insiders’ Tip in Berlin Neukölln

Posted on | April 21, 2012


A charming Italian eatery in Berlin Neukölln, hidden in the 2nd backyard (walk through the alley on the photo above) is absolutely recommended by my new Berliner pal Steffen Stäuber: LAVANDERIA VECCHIA. The ‘trattoria’ used to be a laundry shop – it is now a visual as well as multi-sensoric treat. Eat there spontaneously for lunch or book a table for dinner two months in advance.