ONE MET. In unexpected places.

Posted on | April 24, 2013

“The Met is a place to explore. Across the world and across time, our collections are a passport to our past, and key to understanding our present and future. Travel has inspired great artists for centuries; Discover where the Met will take you today.” Yep, that message speaks to me. Even the image they advertise it with, is attractive.

But THIS …

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Peter Gibson aka Roadsworth

Posted on | February 6, 2013

Street Artist ROADSWORTH (born in Toronto) is known from spray-painting bicycle paths onto streets. What people might not know is what seems to be en vogue around the globe at present: Street artists who used to face high fines for their illegal artyfication of streets and walls in the public space, seem to get off with lenient sentences and now do more and more commissioned art work in cities –> i.e. they are hired and paid by different stakeholders (galleries, private investors, etc) and their work is accepted by municipalities.



Over the last decade, Gibson has moved from spray-painting to stencilled street art, his images ranging from bird nests to prehistoric fish and flowers:

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Inspiration Trip 2013 #1: Berlin

Posted on | January 29, 2013

2013’s early days and it was time to hit the road again.

5 days in BERLIN: 7 meetings, 3 exhibitions and lots of inspiring networking and catching up with friends.


After very inspiring talks with Carsten Fillinger and Gerald Hensel from Scholz & Friends, Stefan Schmidt from Dieckertschmidt, Karsten Warrinck from Ambermedia, Brand Experience Expert Christian Vatter, Photographer and Public Space Curator Gregor Frotscher and Josef Lentsch and Ulf Brandes from the RSA that will feed some new piece of city research which I am currently working on, I was already more than content. It’s the so-called ‘cherry on the cake’ when you get the chance to absorb all kinds of impressions from walking the streets with your camera, talking to friends, taxi drivers, and anyone keen to express themselves in the city whose residents call it ‘a place where you feel free’. Freedom to express one’s opinion – on house walls, in their daily work, in the way people dress and how they express – whatever it may be.



The downsider was some noticeable frustration about the much-discussed topics of ‘gentrification’ and ‘the hate against the Swabians’ that passed every meeting and dinner table.

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Posted on | November 12, 2012

Tom Fruin is currently touring through Europe and Scandinavia with his Kolonihavehus, a garden house created from colorful salvaged plexiglas and steel. The work takes its name and inspiration from Copenhagen’s ubiquitous kolonihavehus: a modest garden shed originally intended to give state workers a refuge from cramped living conditions in the city.

Fruin, who often works with reclaimed and discarded materials…

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Posted on | August 20, 2012

Im Sommer 2012 traf ich Lewis von Mentalgassi, einer 3köpfigen Street Artist Truppe aus Deutschland. Ein Privileg, wie sich nach der gemeinsamen Tour durch die Trendbezirke Wiens und einem äußerst lehrreichen Interview herausstellte.

DK: Was machst Du bei Mentalgassi?

Lewis: Wir verwenden dafür verschiedene Begriffe, wie urban entertainment oder Kunst im öffentlichen Raum. Was wir versuchen, ist mit immer neuen Mitteln die Leute aus dem Alltag rauszureißen. Dass es ein Augenzwinkern gibt durch die Arbeit, die man macht, dass es die Leute abfotografieren wollen, teilen wollen, oder dass wir dazu inspirieren, dass die Leute selber was machen wollen.


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