ONE MET. In unexpected places.

Posted on | April 24, 2013

“The Met is a place to explore. Across the world and across time, our collections are a passport to our past, and key to understanding our present and future. Travel has inspired great artists for centuries; Discover where the Met will take you today.” Yep, that message speaks to me. Even the image they advertise it with, is attractive.

But THIS …

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Urban Canvas in São Paulo

Posted on | October 9, 2012

No better example for an urban canvas than this one. Especially from a city that forcefully had to focus on art when São Paulo’s mayor passed the ‘clean city law’, forbidding any form of communication outdoors. With no advertising around, artists started to occupy walls and threw colour and contemporary shapes at spaces in Brazil’s megasized city.


This is what São Paulo looked like in 2005 when I spent a few weeks there. It seriously felt like the most cluttered place of all cities I had ever travelled to:

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Posted on | August 8, 2012

World Renowned Street Artist and Typography Hero Ben Eine was recently invited to Vienna by Street Art Gallery Inoperable to paint shop shutters in the 4th and 7th district.

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Posted on | August 7, 2012

Israel’s Broken Fingaz Crew, made up of Unga, Kip, Deso and Tant, a group of designers, illustrators and street artists from Jerusalem, have moved onto Vienna, posting shots of some of their new murals from around the city. Created in conjunction with their exhibit currently being held at the city’s INOPERAbLE Gallery, the works are all black outlines on a white frame, created quickly without the knowledge (or consent) or the city’s police department, in true Street Art style.






Posted on | May 20, 2012

I met Belgian street artist ROA for a MEET & GREET during the opening of his exhibition at Inoperable Gallery in Vienna in August 2011. When asked about his current work, he mentioned how content he is – after many years of spraying illegally in backyards and for zero cash – to be invited to draw colossal pieces whether for a gallery or for commercial reasons. If you want to hire ROA for an art piece in your city, I’ve got his contact – contact me on

I have been following his work since I encountered his first piece ‘squirrel’ at Shoreditch in London in Early 2011. The images below have been taken from 2011 till now.


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